South China Shipbuilding Holdings (HK) Ltd. (“SCS” for short), an experienced vessel developer in Hong Kong, is founded subsequent to its exclusive acquisition of an originally Chinese state-owned shipyard (established in 1958). Combining the professional qualities of the Group Company with the shipbuilding competence of the former shipyard, SCS has become one of the most competitive and internationally-renowned modern vessel enterprises in China. For the structural frame of SCS, please refer to the “SCS Main Structural Frame Guide”.

2015: HUMMER I & II are under construction.
2015: KITTY FOX V, the sister ship of KITTY FOX Series, is preparing for delivery.
2015: RAPTOR II, the sister ship of RAPTOR Series, is preparing for delivery.
2015: RAPTOR III (DP2) of the RAPTOR Series has been launched.
2015: RAPTOR IV (DP2) of the RAPTOR Series is preparing for launching.
2014: FALCON I & II are sold and delivered to Indonesian client.

We have our own shipyard – South China Shipyard - in Xinhui District, Jiangmen, China.

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