Establishment of Xin Hui Shipyard (State-owned)


Establishment of Big Fair Industrial Ltd.


Construction of harbour operation vessels

More than thirty units of harbour operation vessels were constructed for local use. 

1980s to 1990s

1. Establishment of Ship Design and Research Institute in Guangzhou

2. Participation in Rose Garden reclamation projects in Hong Kong

Between the 1980s and 1990s, SCS was a major player in the sale of harbour tugs and reclamation engineering ships to Hong Kong shipping market and maritime engineering companies. Moreover, ship hopper barges from SCS also made up 90% of the market share at the time. 

3. Qualification as a vessel developer

With services including design, construction and sales of vessels. 

4. Delivery of more than 500 vessel units

SCS made sales to dozens of Chinese shipyards and constructed more than 80% of tug boats in the Hong Kong shipping market at the time. 


Contribution to SEA shipping markets

In the 2000s, SCS established its presence as one of the major suppliers of various vessel types to clients from Singapore and Indonesia. 

2004 to 2005

Establishment of South China Shipbuilding Holdings (HK) Ltd.


Acquisition of state-owned shipyard in Xin Hui district 

The newly acquired state-owned shipyard is now re-named South China Shipyard, and is the site of all current ship building activity by SCS. 

Establishment of South China Marine Ltd. in Hong Kong

The newly established South China Marine Ltd. is responsible for all management and sales of SCS vessels. 



Completion of the new pier

Sales of many offshore work boats in stock which are designed and constructed by us To the world


Completion of the new dock

Completion of construction of the new dock in South China Shipyard greatly accelerated the progress of vessel construction and enhanced the efficiency of refitting vessels. 

To date

More than one hundred offshore vessels constructed

To date, SCS has designed and constructed more than one hundred vessels to clients from all around the world.